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Há vida para lá do PowerPoint

Outubro 13, 2010

Um conjunto de ferramentas alternativas ao popular PowerPoint.

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Beyond PowerPoint: emerging technologies

Are there alternative presentation approaches beyond PowerPoint, and which are accessible to small colleges?

We explored this topic through a NITLE prediction market, which closed last week.  As noted in our earlier post, researching that game’s outcome triggered a wide-ranging discussion about presentation methods and technologies.  We will address presentation methods in a subsequent post; here we will survey available technologies.

The prediction market selected five, when it launched this past May:

  • Prezi, a Web-based, Flash-powered concept mapping tool.

  • Zoho Show, another browser-based slideshow service.

But two weeks of discussion revealed many more:

  • Wikis, which can be used to aggregate and modify content on the fly.

  • Keynote, Apple’s presentation tool.

  • Animoto, which creates a video clip out of user-uploaded content.

  • Articulate Presenter, allowing the user to combine slides with voiceover and annotation.  A branching function is available.

  • ARTstor, the presentation tool for that Web-based art archive.

  • Dipity displays slides along a timeline in four different formats: flipbook, list, map, and classic timeline.

  • Camtasia produces screencasts, video recordings of whatever desktop activities the user wishes to capture.

  • LaTex Beamer, a free download, lets users of the LaTex markup language produce slideshows from within their editor (Wikipedia entry).

  • S5, a browser-based presentation platform based on open standards. Backend: one XHTML document, Javascript, and CSS.

  • SIMILE Timeline lets users turn Web content (HTML pages) into Web-based timelines.

  • SlideRocket, a browser-based service for building and hosting presentations.

  • Timeliner 3D (BeeDoc, Mac only) arranges media items along a timeline.

  • Vuvox creates multimedia documents that are a cross between timelines and collages.

  • WimpyPoint, perhaps the most minimal presentation tool available.  Dating back to the late 1990s, it hosts simple slides on a Web server. Example: “Finding Complex Roots“.

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